How To Choose Men’s Jeans

Jeans are indeed timeless fashion that will never be eaten time. These pants are indeed suitable for use in all moments, whether dating or just gathering with friends. Men will usually look younger and fashionable when wearing jeans. The main key to appearing cool with jeans is choosing the right size pants so that it looks like the pants are really ordered specifically for the wearer. But, it’s hard to find jeans that really fit your body size. Meanwhile, if ordered specifically, it certainly takes a long time. Now, you don’t need to worry anymore. Nico Peyrache, vice president of denim design for the Lucky brand, has leaked ways that you, men, can find jean pants that really suit you.

1. Don’t worry about body shape Women may have to think about highlighting or hiding their curves. However, men don’t need to do it. Only with the right size jeans, men can look cool.

“Choosing jeans doesn’t need to focus on your body shape. It just needs to focus on the function or purpose of its use,” Peyrache said. So, when wearing jeans you need to think about the situation when you use it. If you use it for casual activities, choose classic jeans. But if you use it for formal events, you should order specifically.

2. Choose a smaller size Buying pants with a waist size that is too tight will make you feel uncomfortable. But, being too loose can also disrupt your appearance. Of course you don’t want your pants to sag when used, right? “Just like women who have a tendency to wear jeans too small, men usually wear jeans that are too big,” Peyrache said. According to Peyrache, you should choose jeans with a smaller size than usual. Then, check the size of your jeans with your fingers while in the dressing room. If your two fingers cannot be inserted when you try it, then the jeans you are trying are the right choice.

3. Skinny jeans not only for hipsters Most men feel disgusted when they hear the word “skinny jeans”. Generally, men feel embarrassed to wear it and only men with hipster spirits or eccentric artists are willing to wear it. “Pants with slender, fitting pieces are usually nicer and look more luxurious,” Peyrache said. However, if you are a classic style lover or jeans with a boot-cut model, then choose jeans with straight or slender pieces, not skinny pieces or press bodies.

4. Check the pocket section The pocket section of jeans usually also has certain ornaments or details. However, too much detail in certain parts can also attract attention. This does seem trivial but can be a potential problem. For example, if you choose jeans with full detail on the buttocks, this will make people’s eyes fixed on your buttocks. So, look for pants with pocket parts that have details or ornaments that are simple or not excessive. Also, make sure the pocket is not too big or on display. Pocket that is too big or long will make you look fatter.

5. Choose the right ingredients Most jeans usually contain lycra or elastic ingredients about 2 percent. This aims to provide stretching or flexibility. For jeans that are commonly worn everyday, check the label that reads a mixture of ingredients which includes linen or other elastic material such as spandex. This material will make your jeans more comfortable to wear. 6. Choose neutral colors Choose neutral colored jeans to be combined with all types of clothing colors. To be safer, choose jeans that are black or dark.

7. Dare to experiment Men are usually afraid to try bright colors or wear cuffing jeans (jeans with the bottom bent). They always assume that bright colors and cuffing jeans are only suitable for rich men. However, these pants are in fact very suitable for use by anyone, especially in the summer. You can take a vacation to the beach using cuffing jeans equipped with a pair of boots. Don’t be afraid to try various styles. Well, if you are afraid that the style experiment you are doing fails, ask for advice from the person closest to you.

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